Python class LucasRequest to define a request

from st_lucas import LucasRequest

Python class LucasIO to input / output LUCAS points

from st_lucas import LucasIO

Instantiate classes to create data request

request = LucasRequest()

and to control data input/output

lucasio = LucasIO()

Spatial filter

Spatial filter by bbox property (only EPSG:3035 is supported)

request.bbox = (4504276, 3020369, 4689608, 3105290)

By country code

request.countries = ['CZ']

Example for multiple countries (Python list)

request.countries = ['CZ', 'SK']

By AOI aoi_polygon (GML format)

request.aoi_polygon = '''
    <PropertyName>lucas:geom</PropertyName>' \
    <gml:Polygon xmlns:gml="http://www.opengis.net/gml" srsName="urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::3035" gml:id="polygon_32.geom.0">' \
        <gml:exterior>' \
            <gml:LinearRing>' \
                 <gml:posList>3014669.3195414557 4640226.080241454 2981893.140187475 4628385.701013993 2965449.7283930806 4639492.816821902 2958781.6185918115 4658392.1858341275 2977549.274784839 4672892.4477362465 3004572.819247867 4661017.510044226 3014669.3195414557 4640226.080241454 </gml:posList>' \
             </gml:LinearRing>' \
         </gml:exterior>' \
    </gml:Polygon>' \

Temporal filter

Temporal filter by single year definition

request.years = [2006]

or by multiple years (Python list)

request.years = [2006, 2009]

Thematic filter

Thematic filter by setting codes of thematic groups

  • CO - Copernicus;

  • FO - Forestry;


  • LC_LU - Land cover, Land use;

  • LC_LU_SO - Land cover, Land use, Soil]

request.group = 'LC_LU'

Space-time aggregation

Space-time aggregation by st_aggregated property we determine whether the data should be space-time aggregated. Space-time aggregation means that one record in the attribute table represents one point with all values measured in all specified years.

request.st_aggregated = True

Download LUCAS points based on request

Download data by using download() method using on the prepared request


or optionally by build() method as a helper function to test the requrest without dowloading the data


Convert downloaded data

Get data in specified format by to_geopandas() method to convert the data into GeoDataFrame object


by to_gml() method to convert data into OGC GML format


by to_gpkg() method to save the data in a OGC GeoPackage file